Management & Heads

The Management and team of BBR Headquarters in Switzerland consist of professionals from multiple nations with different backgrounds to fulfill our duties and responsibilities as a Franchisor & Licensor to BBR Network Members. This includes system development and maintenance, product support and training, marketing, supply chain management and many more.

Dr. Antonio Caballero

is BBR VT International's CEO. Antonio is Spanish and has a master's degree in Civil Engineering, as well as a PhD in computational fracture mechanics. He joined BBR VT in 2009 to lead the R&D department where his emphasis was on stay cable and post-tensioning technology, as well as providing project-specific technical advice to BBR Network Members. As General Manager – Head of Technology, Antonio fine-tuned his business and leadership skills and was appointed CEO in 2014. Antonio has continuously contributed to industry dialogues at the highest level and is an active member of technical committees of both the PTI and fib – and, within the latter, currently chairs the Stay Cable Group and Cryogenic Group.

Josef Lamprecht

Civil Engineer, is Head of Production & Supply Chain. Josef is Austrian and has a strong international supply chain management background from the automotive and aircraft industry. Furthermore, he has proven experience in optimizing and establishing production plants globally. Josef leads our Production & Supply Chain team including Quality Management and is responsible for further improvement of our current supply chain but also enhance our production with new suppliers worldwide.

Juan Maier

(Australian) is Head of Business Development. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering as well as an MBA. Juan has extensive international commercial construction industry experience having managed large multi-disciplinary engineering teams with multi-million dollar budgets on some of the most complex and challenging construction projects across Europe, Australia, Asia and America. At BBR Juan is responsible for steering international franchise development and marketing activities and is further accountable for the acquisition of new franchise business partners around the world.

Functions at BBR HQ

  • Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Production & Supply Chain
  • Quality Management
  • Business Development
  • Franchise/License Management
  • Marketing
  • International Projects, and
  • Related Shared Services

Get in touch with us

If you would like to get in touch with us, the Headquarters team will be pleased to hear from you. For specific projects, you might prefer to look at our worldwide map and make contact directly with a local BBR Network representative.