BBR Headquarters

BBR VT International is the Technical Headquarters and Business Development Centre of the Global BBR Network and located in Switzerland. From here, the HQ team coordinates the BBR Network and offers a wide range of services to our Network Members which help them to work efficiently in their local markets.

The BBR Headquarters and Franchisor/Licensor of the BBR Network provides not only a complete range of latest technology for its Members but also training seminars and ongoing support, access to BBR brands, know-how and supply chain, and marketing material. Furthermore, BBR VT Int. facilitates communication and the exchange within the Global Network as well as joint ventures between Members for large or complex projects. Our head office can also be contacted by owners, design consultants, contractors etc. for any kind of inquiries and to help them further.

Technology and R&D services

Extensive research, testing and development efforts place the BBR Network at the forefront in the field of post-tensioning, stay cable applications, ground anchors and related engineering technology. Our commitment to testing has helped us develop a range of products which have become international benchmarks. Services provided by BBR HQ include:

  • Development of state-of-the-art construction engineering technology
  • Testing of our systems and components to latest industry standards and guidelines as well as obtaining respective approvals
  • Continuous improvement and enhancement of our technology
  • Management of our supply chain, certified Component Manufacturers, procurement and quality assurance systems including BBR Factory Production Control FPC and BBR E-Trace
  • Assessment and ongoing certification of BBR Network Members as PT Specialists
  • Giving product and technical support for our system applications
  • Providing project specific and customized consulting in special fields of post-tensioning and stay cable engineering
  • Active contribution in industry dialogues such as fib, PTI, IABSE

Business Development and marketing support

In addition to technical and supply chain services, the HQ team offers:

  • Organizing global and regional gathering platforms such as the annual Global BBR Conference
  • Facilitating communication, knowledge transfer and best practice exchange between BBR Network Members
  • Supply of technical and commercial documentation material including brochures, approvals, reference lists, CONNAECT, CAD drawings etc.
  • Promotion of the Global BBR Network and its brands in magazines, websites, conferences and further communication channels
  • Protection of our IP including BBR trade marks, technologies (patents), know-how and designs
  • Providing access to thousands of BBR project references worldwide for all kind of applications and backed by 70 years of experience
  • Initial and continuous education of Members (commercial and technical) in local and regional seminars
  • Review of market trends and collaboration with industry partners and business associations
  • Monitoring and evaluation of international infrastructure and building projects in collaboration with Network Members
  • Ongoing sales and marketing support in collaboration with Network Members including local roadshows, exhibitions and presentations

Shareholders, BoD and Management & Heads

Please click on the relevant links for further information on the Shareholders, Board of Directors and Management & Heads of BBR VT International Ltd.



BBR VT International Ltd
Technical Headquarters & Business Development Centre
Ringstrasse 2
8603 Schwerzenbach – Zurich
Tel +41 44 806 80 60
Fax +41 44 806 80 50
Email enquiries

BBR brands

We take great care in projecting strong brand images not only for the BBR Network but also for our products. BBR®, CONA®, BBRV®, HiAm®, HiEx, DINA®, SWIF® and CONNAECT® are well-known trade marks within our industry and carry with them the expectations of quality performance and service. In addition, a full range of post-tensioning and stay cable specific trade marks are maintained, see our technologies.

Further trade marks such as BBR E-Trace, BBR internet domains, BBR PT Specialist Company, BBR Component Manufacturer, BBR – A Global Network of Experts, A BBR Network Member, BBR WIGAbloc and ISOSTRESS complete the series.

Get in touch with us

If you would like to get in touch with us, the Headquarters team will be pleased to hear from you. For specific projects, you might prefer to look at our worldwide map and make contact directly with a local BBR Network representative.