Board of Directors

It is widely recognized that it is the people themselves who make the greatest impact on the success of an organization. Currently, eight individuals from shareholder organizations are sharing their experience and giving support to make the BBR Network even stronger and even more successful.

Marcel Poser - Chairman (Tectus Group)

Marcel Poser is a business strategist and technology innovator, experienced in global commercialization and startups across multiple industries. He is CEO of Tectus Group, a family-owned, multinational business headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company has diverse operations and investments across a variety of market segments ranging from engineering and construction, to digital health, to entertainment and lifestyle.

Marcel also serves in leadership positions for several Tectus Group companies. Additionally, he is the founding partner and director of Tectus Dreamlab Pte. Ltd., a cross-functional research center in Fusionopolis, Singapore, and leads various research and development projects in IoT, virtual and augmented reality and construction engineering productivity.

Marcel earned his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Zurich University of Applied Sciences and a master’s degree in civil engineering from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in 2001. In 2016 Marcel became only the 30th alumni of the University of Texas at Austin, that has been recognized with the prestigious Outstanding Young Engineering Graduate Award.

He began his career in the field of construction engineering, working on tunnels and bridges in Switzerland, the European Union, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the United States. In 2002, he joined Tectus as project manager at the BBR Group, where he subsequently served as CEO of BBR VT International from 2006 to 2011 and spearheaded the development of the world’s largest construction engineering franchise, BBR Network.
José Manuel Illescas - Vice Chairman (FCC)

José Manuel has been a Board Member of BBR PTE since 2008 and heads FCC’s construction machinery division.
He started his career in 1985 and worked for a number of leading Spanish construction companies, where he gained experience and developed expertise in the field of bridge technology and the construction of other concrete structures. By the early 1990s, he was fully engaged in post-tensioning activities and special construction techniques and, in 2004, became CEO of BBR PTE.
José Manuel holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the ETS for Industrial Engineers in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where he specialized in Mechanics-Construction.
Dr. Antonio Caballero - Board Member (Tectus Group)

Dr. Antonio Caballero, in his cross-functional role as CTO of the Tectus Group, is focused on harnessing and developing business synergies arising in the fields of technical excellence and digital technology across Screening Eagle, Tectus Dreamlab, Proceq, BBR and emerging technologies. Antonio is also a Board member of BBR VT International Ltd and Proceq SA.

Antonio joined BBR VT International Ltd in 2009 as Head of R&D, later becoming General Manager - Head of Technology and, since 2014 he led BBR VT International Ltd as its CEO. Under his leadership, BBR VT International Ltd expanded its product and technologies portfolio as well as introducing new business lines, strengthening its production and supply chain ensuring continued competitiveness and best-in-class service - all of which resulted in enlarging the geographical reach of the BBR Network into new territories in Asia and the Middle East. Antonio has continuously contributed to industry dialogues at the highest level and is an active member of technical committees of both the PTI and fib – and, within the latter, currently chairs the Stay Cable Group and Cryogenic Group.

Antonio has a master degree in Civil Engineering as well as a PhD in computational fracture mechanics from the School of Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Antonio speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.
Romano Fanconi - Board Member (Tectus Group)

Romano Fanconi heads the Finance, Administration and Legal Department of the Tectus Group. Romano joined Tectus Group in 1995 and has gained profound experience in all aspects of international finance and transactions. He has served as Corporate Secretary of ITI Group, the leading Polish Media and Entertainment Group, for the past 20 years. As part of the ITI Group, Romano contributed to building several international ventures, M&A and international capital market transactions, mainly in the high yield area, including the sale of Poland’s leading commercial broadcaster TVN Group to Scripps Networks International. Within the Tectus Group, Romano is a board member of Proceq S.A., a leading NDT specialist, BBR VT International and alternate board member in publically listed BBR Holdings (S) Ltd. Romano is also a founding partner in Metaverse Holdings Ltd., a virtual reality company specialized in virtual live event experiences. Romano is a board member of Icelandic Water Holdings, producer and distributor of one of the purest bottled waters, Icelandic Glacial. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the School of Economics and Administration in Lucerne. Romano speaks English, German and French.
Svein Finstad - Board Member (KB Group)

Svein is an aspirant engineer who has more than 35 years in leading construction industry positions in Scandinavia. He is the CEO of Spennteknikk International AS, parent company of KB Vorspann-Technik, KB Spennteknikk and BBR Polska. In addition, Svein is Chairman of BBR Polska (Poland), KB Vorspann-Technik (Germany) and KB Vorspann-Technik (Austria).
Tore Thorstensen - Board Member (KB Group)

CEO of KB Gruppen Kongsvinger AS, Norway’s largest family-owned building and construction company. Working chairman of the board of Plantasjen, where he served as CEO from 1993 to 2004. Previously 18 years with Dyno Industrier, the final years as executive vice president.
Warwick Ironmonger – Board Member (KB Group)

Warwick Ironmonger has extensive management experience in eminent multinational contracting companies and a leading global engineering consultancy. Warwick is CEO of Spennteknikk International AS which is headquartered in Norway, owned by the KB Group, and has subsidiaries throughout Scandinavia and Central Europe specializing in post-tensioning, stay cables, bearings, and expansion joints. Of these subsidiaries he is Chairman of BBR Polska, CEO of KB Spennteknikk in both Norway and Sweden, and Managing Director of KB Vorspann-Technik in Germany and Austria.
Warwick started his career as a Structural Engineer in the Sydney office of the Meinhardt Group of consulting engineers with whom he relocated to Dubai in 1996 as Technical Director to manage prestressing works on the iconic Burj Al Arab project. Warwick went on to lead Meinhardt’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices from 1996 through until 2000, establishing Meinhardt as a select provider of Value Engineering and specialist Structural Engineering consulting services in the UAE. In 2001 Warwick commenced with SRG Limited, a publicly listed Australian company and BBR Network Member, and as General Manager of their Middle East contracting business from 2004 until 2018 he transformed the business from its Dubai origins with expansion into Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Qatar before joining Spennteknikk in 2018.
Warwick holds Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering Science degrees from the School of Civil Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Tectus Group (Switzerland)

The Tectus Group ( was founded in 1944 and is a family-owned multi-national conglomerate.

KB Group (Norway)

The KB Group - purely a holding and property company - is the largest family-owned building and construction company in Norway.

Shaping strategy

"Being both a BBR Network Member and a BBR VT International Ltd shareholder offers many advantages - to us and the rest of the BBR Network. As a shareholder, we are able to contribute to the shaping and development of BBR strategy based on our real market feedback we gain as a BBR Network Member."

Svein Finstad - CEO
Spennteknikk Internatinal, Norway