BBR CONNÆCT 2017 Best Photography Award

Awards for highest quality selection & composition

The 2017 winners of the Best Photography Award, BBR Malaysia, went the extra mile to provide the highest quality photography to illustrate two features – ‘Metro Rail Revival’ and ‘Spanning the Sadong River’. These articles were about their work on the LRT and MRT rail networks in Kuala Lumpur and the mighty Sadong Bridge in Sarawak.

The team from BBR Malaysia had the foresight to take photographs while work was progressing on site, as well as obtaining images of the completed projects. The resulting photographs not only tell the story of their excellent work, but also illustrate the depth of their technical knowledge.

Congratulations also go to runners-up BBR Network Member SRG Ltd for ‘BBR sets another anchoring world record’ about their dam strengthening projects in South Africa and Australia and also to French BBR Network Member ETIC who were ‘highly commended’ for ‘Metro Rail Revival’ about their work to create the new Rennes Metro, Line B. To read the winning features – and much more - download the latest edition of CONNAECT here.