BBR Network work-of-art for Aquaparc

High performance concrete and PT for lamellas

In 2018, a massive new aquatic center will open in Saint-Nazaire in western France and the exterior of the new pool halls will feature the work of BBR Network Member, ETIC. The team is tasked with prefabricating the 40 elegantly designed lamellas which will rise from ground level to the sloping roofs of the three pool halls, lining the panoramic glass windows. Made of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (HPFRC) and containing either white, gray or black metallic elements according to the architectural plans, the lamellas are formed by two wings that twist around a slender core. The height of the lamellas varies depending on roof level and the tallest lamellas are post-tensioned with BBR VT CONA CMI internal tendons.