Excellence through people & culture

Our people are defined by their expertise and also by their willingness to go the extra mile. We invest in our people and then protect that investment by helping them to grow and extend their abilities. A carefully considered supply chain process and well-trained, experienced staff are of vital importance in delivering the highest installation standards for our clients, therefore we invest a significant portion of our turnover in service.

Our service to customers

Within the BBR Network, we have a long history of innovation founded on listening to what our customers want and then going the extra mile to deliver it. Down the years, we have always:

  • Invested in research and development, developing solutions for market trends before these have become the fashion
  • Never compromised upon our testing program which is a major investment as products must meet the highest quality standards to deliver assurance to our customers
  • Taken an active and leading role in industry dialogues and committees
  • Engaged in initiatives for improving quality, performance, longevity and reducing lifetime maintenance costs for the structure involved.


A culture of continuous education within the BBR Network ensures a high quality execution of post-tensioning and associated work for our customers. BBR Headquarters continuously educates the PT Specialists in post-tensioning and stay cable technology – covering systems, quality assurance procedures and correct installation techniques. Each year, several practical and theoretical courses are organized in various regions and also training visits are made to BBR Network Members’ home locations.

Global BBR Conference

2012 Global BBR Network Conference, Bintan Island (Singapore)

The Global BBR Conference takes place once a year at an international venue, with BBR Network Members coming from all around the world to share knowledge, experiences and best practice, while learning more about the BBR Network’s latest progress and plans. Achievements are recognized through the BBR Annual Awards which include Project of the Year and prizes for Engineering Reports, usually presented at the BBR Gala Dinner.

Learning and sharing

Our training sessions and conferences are all aimed at multi-directional communications. While BBR HQ makes information available about the latest technology and techniques, BBR Network Members have ample opportunity to provide feedback on their own practical experiences and market requirements.


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