BBR PT Specialists

Within the BBR Network, we are committed to the highest service standards and the appropriate installation of BBR Technologies in compliance with our latest regulations. BBR Post-tensioning Specialists are qualified and certified to assemble and install advanced BBR Post-tensioning and stay cable system applications including European approved CONA CMX technology.

Ringwood Rail Bridge (Australia) by BBR Network Member SRG Limited

Compliance and professional execution

Our BBR PT Specialists are responsible for compliance with all regulations set out in the relevant guidelines and approvals for our post-tensioning and stay cable systems - for complying with the respective standards and regulations in force at the place of use, for ensuring a professional execution of post-tensioning and stay cable works and for endorsing all safety-at-work and health protection regulations.

Supervision and expertise

The BBR PT Specialists are under the continuous supervision of BBR VT International - the ETA holder - and are experts in all post-tensioning tasks, such as logistics and supply of a complete post-tensioning and stay cable system to the construction site, full assembly and installation service on site and quality assurance.

From design to completion

Although they may have different organizational structures – suited to best serving their local markets – BBR PT Specialists all maintain technical, logistics and site operation departments. Together, this team takes professional responsibility for the project – from design to completion – dealing with and reporting on technical, logistical, safety and best practice issues along the way.

Our customer focused approach

  • Investment in customer service
  • Qualified, certified BBR PT Specialists
  • Selection and assessment process
  • Continuous education
  • Knowledge transfer, motivation and networking
  • Annual Global BBR Conference

PT Specialist Certificates

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