State-of-the-art post-tensioning

The BBR® Network offers a complete range of post-tensioning systems, covering all possible applications in structural and civil engineering. Developed in Switzerland, the European approved and CE-marked BBR VT CONA® CMX PT range – the PT system for the 21st century – is used worldwide by the BBR Network. Our certified BBR PT Specialists ensure professional execution of PT and grouting works.

Lavant Bridge, A2 South Motorway (Austria) by BBR Network Member VORSPANN-TECHNIK


The newly developed BBR VT CONA CMX family has been tested to the most stringent international testing specifications – those of the European Technical Approval Guidelines ETAG 013. Its modular design means that a CONA CMX PT kit can easily be configured to match special requirements. All systems are subject to Factory Production Control (FPC), as well as independent and continuous surveillance. All CONA CMX kits must be installed by trained BBR PT Specialist Companies only, ensuring a professional and system-conforming installation. All requirements are strictly followed by the BBR Network and ensure the highest level of product quality and installation, including best health and safety standards.


CONA CMI internal
internal post-tensioning system 1-73 strands (bonded or unbonded)
CONA CME external
external post-tensioning system 1-73 strands
flat anchorage post-tensioning system 2-4 strands (bonded or unbonded)
internal post-tensioning system with one strand (bonded or unbonded)
monostrand post-tensioning system 2 or 4 strands
band post-tensioning system 1-16 strands
CONA CMO onion
internal post-tensioning anchorage 2-6 strands with flat array of onion-bulb strand ends (bonded)

Other BBR PT systems

The BBRV ® wire cables are one of the earliest and most reliable post-tensioning systems. This parallel wire system was developed by BBR in 1944 and has since been continuously advanced. Furthermore, the CONA compact, CONA multi, CONA single, CONA flat and CONA external strand post-tensioning systems have been applied very successfully for many decades.



Strong and Versatile Volume 1: System Applications
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The Ultimate Design Guide Volume 2: System Specifications
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BBR PT Specialist Companies

CONA CMX post-tensioning kits are installed exclusively by certified PT Specialist Companies. A complete list of all BBR certified PT Specialist Companies can be found here.

Benefits of BBR VT CONA CMX

  • Modular system
  • Most compact and lightest anchorage system
  • Full stressing at lowest concrete strength
  • Widest range of standard tendons – ranging from 173 kN to over 20,000 kN characteristic ultimate resistance
  • Most tendon sizes