BBR VT CONA CMO onion internal post-tensioning anchorage

The European approved CONA® CMO post-tensioning anchorage is a multi-strand technology with a flat array of onion-bulb strand ends for internally bonded post-tensioned applications particularly in very thin concrete cross-sections such as slabs. Typical applications include car parks, apartment buildings, commercial office space, retail centers and distribution warehouses.


Further applications of CONA CMO onion technology include hospitals, hotels, sporting venues and bridge decks. CONA CMO onion technology offers designers the possibility of very small center spacing and edge distances at the anchorages. BBR Network Members offer design of slab PT structures and have sound engineering knowledge in order to maximize the benefits for all building stakeholders.

Anchorage configuration

The CONA CMO onion anchorage is compatible with both 0.5” and 0.6” strand and is available in sizes 2 up 6 number strands. The main component in the anchor zone of the CONA CMO anchorage is the CMO spacer. The innovative clip-lock design of the CMO spacer significantly increases site productivity during anchorage installation, while the fixed distance between the bulb-strand ends are assured. Load transfer is achieved by a local deformation of the strand and bond to the concrete. This is an economical solution for fixed-end anchorages and is compatible with the BBR VT CONA CMF, CONA CMI SP and CONA CMI BT systems.

Local anti-bursting reinforcement

One of the key advantages of the CONA CMO anchorage is that it does not require any local anti-bursting reinforcement in the anchorage zone and is capable of fully transferring the post-tensioning forces from the strand into the concrete structure. This has the benefits of reducing material consumption and further improving site productivity.

CONA CMO approvals

European Technical Approvals

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The Ultimate Design Guide Volume 2: System Specifications
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