Certified strength

BBR C Bar system certification to EN 1090

Certification to EN 1090 has been granted for the whole BBR C Bar system. This system features a high strength steel alloy bar with excellent ductility and fatigue behavior. It is suitable for application in structural bolting assemblies for preloaded and non-preloaded applications (PT bar) and as foundation bolts, especially for wind turbines.


BBR C Bar system features include:

  • Four strength grades - 8.8, 9.8, 10.9 & 12.9.
  • Diameters ranging from M36 to M68.
  • Ultimate force range from 678 - 3727kN.
  • Full system accessories, including anchor nut, bearing plate lock nut & coupler.
  • Superior anti-corrosion capacity – and, as such, is extendable to incorporate double-layer corrosion protection for wind tower applications.


The assessment can be downloaded here.