Largest single-project floor slab in the world?

New Distribution Centre for Foodstuffs in NZ

It is certainly the largest floor slab ever produced in a single project in New Zealand– and possibly even the world. The BBR Contech team installed the floor as the foundation for a brand-new distribution center for leading grocery distributor and regular customer Foodstuffs. At 74,000m2, this was a huge floor slab – it required 13,000m3 of concrete, 340km of steel prestressing strand, 9km of ducting and a staggering 14,000 stressing operations. The project also marked a new ‘first’ for New Zealand with the use of the BBR VT CONA CMF S2 flat post-tensioning system which - with its market leading benefits of wide anchorage and coupler size range, very thin slab depths and low reinforcement requirements, as well as very small minimum center spacings and slab thickness at low concrete strength - was an obvious choice for this challenging project.