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CONA CMG strand ground anchors video

Our new Technical Series video about the BBR VT CONA CMG strand ground anchor system is now live on the BBR YouTube channel! The video takes you through all the main features of this state-of-the-art system with its unique-to-the-market advantages. As well as being the only proven double corrosion protected system on the market, CONA CMG offers advanced leak-tightness and sealed GT monostrand (resisting up to 3.5 bars of water pressure). Great performance – and only requiring one layer of corrugated duct! Proven by testing, CONA CMG was the first strand ground anchor system to be successfully tested under confined conditions to EAD and EN1537 recommendations. The proposition becomes even more compelling when you know that the CONA CMG system also offers the widest range of strand ground anchors on the market.

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