UNIQUE resilience of BBR stay cables proven – again!

BBR HiAm CONA stay cable easily passes fib Bulletin 89 bending fatigue tests

After last month’s great axial fatigue testing achievement, now a 19-strand BBR HiAm CONA stay cable has sailed through bending fatigue tests to fib Bulletin 89 guidelines with flying colours! The tests, as always, were conducted in an independent laboratory and featured true two-way dynamic angle bending (±1.4° & ±0.6°) by pulling and pushing the strands and two bending fatigue load phases of up to 2 million load cycles. Once again, BBR’s HiAm CONA system easily resisted all the challenges - without even a single wire failure, although <2% wire failures were permissible – and achieved almost 100% GUTS in the subsequent static test. These results prove conclusively that the BBR HiAm CONA stay cable system is the best on the international market. Click here for some video clips of the test.