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2021 BBR Project of the Year Award

The BBR Network Project of the Year Award is the most prestigious award to be made annually and is decided by an international judging panel. This time around, the judges had a challenging task – there were so many fine BBR Network projects to choose from. Finally, we are delighted to announce that the winner of the BBR Network Project of the Year Award 2021 goes to the Lahnbach & Lafnitz Bridges in Austria where local BBR Network Member KB VT provided specialist technical expertise. Constructed using the new ‘balanced lowering’ method, the realization of these two motorway bridges required innovative use of post-tensioning technology and practical application of deep technical experience. Many congratulations to all involved with this amazing project!

Take a look at our video of all the short-listed projects – and you can also download a copy of CONNÆCT 2021 to get the full story!