BBR VT CONA CMG strand ground anchors brochure

Comprehensive brochure on latest BBR geotechnical technology

The BBR VT CONA CMG strand ground anchors brochure is now available. The CE-marked BBR VT CONA CMG strand ground anchor system offers state-of-the-art performance, including a wide size range across three different corrosion protection levels to allow customers to select the optimum force range and design life characteristics for specific projects. Within this range, the CONA CMG PL2 system exhibits the highest proven corrosion protection level for a ground anchor of this type –as successfully proven according to the stringent requirements of European Technical Assessment. The new 16-page brochure contains details about the system features and components, typical applications, system product range, quality assurance and traceability, corrosion protection, along with testing and certification of the range. Download your personal a copy here.