New BBR HiAm CONA stay cable brochure

State-of-the-art stay cable systems

The BBR HiAm CONA stay cable system is state-of-the-art as far as stay cable technology is concerned. The BBR Network’s experience with stay cable technology stretches right back to the beginning of the modern era of stay cable bridges, some six decades ago and today our portfolio contains some 430 projects. Along the way, BBR actually invented strand and carbon stay cables and carried out the world’s first projects using high fatigue resistant wire, strand and carbon stay cables. Some of our ground-breaking projects – such as the cable-net supported roof of the 1972 Olympic Stadium in Munich and the cable-stayed Sydney Tower in Australia - have even become cultural icons while continuing to serve their original purpose. Our new 32-page brochure offers information about cable-stayed structures, system testing, the BBR HiAm CONA stay cable system, BBR Pin Connector, BBR HiEx CONA Saddle, BBR Damping Systems, as well as design and detailing for stay cable systems. Copies of the new BBR HiAm CONA stay cable brochure are at the BBR Network Members’ offices, or you can download your own copy right now here.