New BBR Technical Series video

The latest BBR Technical Series video to be uploaded to the BBR YouTube Channel is about the BBR VT CONA CMF post-tensioning system. As you will know, the system is used for internally post-tensioned bonded or unbonded applications where the anchoring must be carried out in very thin cross-sections, such as slabs. As well as being European approved, the CONA CMF system features the widest range of tendon sizes on the international market for this type of anchorage. The video also highlights the fact that the CONA CMF BT (bearing trumplate) system makes use of an advanced load transfer mechanism especially developed for thin concrete slabs. This allows for very small tendon center spacings and concrete edge distances, while using the least amount of local anti-bursting reinforcement, along with the application of full post-tensioning load at very low concrete strengths in very thin concrete slabs. Take a look at the video here.