New BBR VT CONA CMX brochure

Comprehensive & latest commercial and technical info

A new BBR VT CONA CMX post-tensioning brochure has been produced, merging the previous Volume 1 and Volume 2 together with the commercial and technical information. Along with general information about the uses of post-tensioning, it also contains a comprehensive overview of the entire CONA CMX post-tensioning range plus information about international post-tensioning certification, typical testing provisions, BBR E-Trace and factory production control (FPC). There is also an extensive section offering full technical specifications and design detailing information, covering existing and all recently developed systems, such as CONA CMM S2, CONA CMF S2, CONA CMI EIT and all the new applications for CONA CME. Further pages of the brochure describe the importance of professional installation practice and materials. To discover what else is new, please do download a copy here.