New & elegant landmark bridge

CONA CMI internal PT installed for piers

The new and elegant Mangere Bridge is under construction in Auckland, New Zealand - and features piers realized with the support of BBR VT CONA CMI internal post-tensioning. Working in a cofferdam, the BBR Contech team is anchoring a total of 32 prefabricated 12-strand PT tendons in the concrete foundations at seabed level. As each pier is constructed, the post-tensioning tendons are cast into the concrete pier elements. A steel plate is then fitted to the top of the concrete piers as part of the base of the steel arch structure. Then, using these steel plates as a bearing surface, the tendons are stressed – thus creating a seamless connection between the arch and foundations. When completed, this new bridge crossing Manukau Harbour will be a shared walking, running, fishing and cycling bridge – and as well as providing access, the bridge is also expected to become a destination in its own right.

Updated BBR Pin Connector flyer

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Slab construction record with BBR PT technology

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