• Applications World-class BBR technologies have been applied to a vast array of different structures - such as bridges, buildings, LNG/LPG tanks, dams, arenas and many more.

  • Projects BBR Network teams have realized many ambitious and award-winning projects for their clients - and secured both accolades and successes for their businesses.

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    Join the BBR Network BBR offers a wide range of advantages to our BBR Network Members which support the development of their local businesses.

  • Post-tensioning The BBR Network offers a complete range of latest internationally and European approved post-tensioning systems, covering all possible applications.

  • Stay cables For decades, BBR has offered the very best, state-of-the-art technology for cable-stayed structures and today this is backed by over 420 projects around the globe.

  • Engineering excellence The BBR Network provides excellence in all categories of construction engineering from preliminary design to execution including geotechnics, bridge construction – and many more.

The BBR Network

Das BBR Network gilt als der führende Verbund von Spezialbauunternehmen auf dem Gebiet der Vorspannung, Schrägkabeltechnik und artverwandten Technologien.

BBR Worldwide Locations

Mit Repräsentanzen in über 50 Ländern liefert das BBR Network internationales Knowhow direkt vor Ort. Finden Sie Ihren nächsten BBR Network-Vertreter und lassen Sie sich beraten.

Latest News

12.04.2019 - New BBR VT CONA CME video A new video about the BBR CONA VT CME external post-tensioning system and applications is...