World’s first ETA for strand ground anchors

European Approval for CONA CMG system

The BBR VT CONA CMG strand ground anchor system is the first in the world to have been awarded an ETA. The CONA CMG system offers unique features such as the sealing device at the transition zone between the recess pipe and free length protection duct. In fact, several key innovations of the CONA CMG system have been protected with patents. The system is available in three solution kits including temporary, temporary with extended life and permanent to suit different applications and service life requirements. CONA CMG offers the widest range of anchorage sizes from 2 to 22 strands on the market, allowing use of the right size for each project, rather than forcing use of oversized solutions. With over 70 years in the geotechnical sector, BBR is proud to be continuing to raise standards within the industry.

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