Shaping the built world

BBR is recognized as the leading group of specialized engineering contractors in the field of post-tensioning, stay cable, geotechnical and related construction engineering technologies.

Since 1944, from its Swiss headquarters the BBR Network has been reaching out around the globe and has earned a track record for excellence and innovative approaches – with thousands of structures built using BBR technologies.  BBR has at its disposal some of the most talented engineers and technicians from around the world, combining strong local roots with the latest thinking and cutting-edge technologies.

BBR is focused not only on constructing future assets, but also maintaining and retrofitting existing ones with professionalism, innovation - and of course the very latest technologies.


BBR Network welcomes Becomar

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BBR Network Training Series: October 2021 Webinar

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BBR HiAm CONA stay cables for landmark bridge

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BBR Worldwide Locations

With representation in over 50 countries, the BBR Network delivers international expertise locally. Find your local BBR Network representative and let them help you.

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