Join the BBR Network - the BBR Franchise

The BBR Network is made up of BBR Franchisees and Licensees who are all successful independent local construction engineering companies and part of our international family. Launched in 2006, the BBR Franchise business concept is unique in the construction market place and offers BBR Network Members a wide range of opportunities which support the development of their local businesses.

Global BBR Conference 2015 in Bangkok

Who are BBR Franchisees?

BBR Franchisees are all successful, independent, established, specialized contractors with highly trained staff, knowledge, experience, equipment and processes with strong local roots. Most of the BBR Franchisees have long-term relationships with the BBR Headquarters in Switzerland, some stretching back for over 50 years!

Proven franchising system, training & networking

BBR VT International as the Franchisor operates a proven franchising system and, as a Franchisee and BBR Network Member, you will not only benefit from our internationally recognized brands and quality processes, but you will also have access to the latest technical knowledge and resources, project support and global knowledge transfer. Regular technical training seminars, held regionally, support continued learning and knowledge of the very latest best practices. In addition, the annual Global BBR Conference provides both a forum for the exchange of information and an opportunity to get to know other BBR Network Members. In some countries and regions the license business model is still used offering similar benefits and advantages to the BBR Franchise.

European Project Managers’ Workshop 2018, Podgorica (Montenegro)

Services provided by BBR VT International to the BBR Network

  • European approved post-tensioning technology
  • Internationally approved stay cable technology (fib, PTI, CIP Setra)
  • Recognized global brands and trademarks
  • Professional marketing and communication tools
  • Technical, commercial and project specific support
  • Certified suppliers manufacturing components to highest quality standards
  • Leading-edge supply chain and quality management systems
  • Regular regional and local training seminars
  • Knowledge transfer, global and regional forums and conferences
  • International collaborations and alliances for large or special projects
  • Proven franchise and license system, backed by 75 years of experience and continuous R&D


We have a well-established process for membership application and assessment. Once membership has been agreed, we audit our Members annually to ensure that quality standards continue to be maintained.

We are very proud of our international family and enjoy working with them to realize some of the most challenging projects in the world. We share and endorse their professionalism and commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

BBR Franchise Flyer

BBR Franchise Flyer

Harness the benefits of a unique global franchise

Download the Flyer here

Criteria for a BBR Franchise

  • Regional or global contractor with strong local roots (general contractor or specialized construction company)
  • Excellent understanding of the local construction market
  • Proven knowledge and experience in post-tensioning operations
  • Experienced and trained post-tensioning staff
  • Workshop facilities, post-tensioning equipment available
  • Solid financial background
  • Strong commitment to actively approach the market with support of BBR VT International and long-term cooperation

Competitive advantage through collaboration

We also facilitate the exchange of information on a broad scale and within international partnering alliances. As well as the benefits of knowledge-sharing, BBR strongly believes that global collaborations create local competitive advantages in working within the ever-changing construction market place. The BBR Network has grown into a major global enterprise, with members supporting each other and, in turn, reaping the commercial benefits of both the leading-edge technology and international outlook.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about the BBR Franchise? If so, please contact Daniel Cuerdo, Tel. +41 44 806 80 60, or send us an email enquiry.