Focus on quality assurance

The BBR Network pursues the ambitious goal of providing not only the finest approved Swiss technology, but also the best service and installation capabilities to their customers around the globe. Our strong focus on quality assurance helps to make these aspirations a reality.

BBR E-Trace

BBR E-Trace - a comprehensive e-commerce platform - leads users through the whole procurement and quality-control process, ensuring that each step is documented and tracked. It links all members of the Global BBR Network including BBR PT Specialists, BBR Component Manufacturers, BBR VT International and its consolidation centers. The platform facilitates the everyday work of all BBR Network Members and also supports effective supply chain management.

Factory Production Control

In 2005, we implemented the BBR Factory Production Control (FPC) system which provides highest product quality standards – and full component traceability, the most direct way of ensuring quality. The system is independently audited for compliance.

European Technical Assessment

Many BBR technologies have national approvals and are well established and proven in the respective markets, however the most significant accreditation in the history of BBR has been for a completely new set of products – the BBR VT CONA CMX range – which have been certified to European Technical Assessment (ETA) standards and thus carry a CE marking.

Setting the standard

  • Trading and QA platform BBR E-Trace

  • BBR Factory Production Control

  • 100% Traceability

  • Independent testing and monitoring

  • European approved BBR post-tensioning systems

  • Testing beyond requirements

  • Certificate of Conformity, CE marking

Efficient communication

BBR E-Trace provides a complete online database of all PT Specialists and CMs and their users including contact details, plus a series of shared tools to facilitate efficient communication and swift decision-making. Latest changes and enhancements are communicated through the front page news facility.



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