We offer a complete range of post-tensioning systems, covering all possible applications. The European approved CONA CMX technology is used worldwide by the BBR Network.

Many of the most dramatically beautiful architectural designs and technically excellent feats of engineering have been realized with the use of state-of-the-art Swiss BBR stay cable technology.

BBR geotechnical technologies, based on finest construction engineering and feedback from our international customers, include both strand ground anchors and bar systems for all major ground engineering applications.

All BBR Bar systems, whether for permanent or temporary solutions, have been designed to offer high fatigue performance and are supplied in the most popular sizes covering most applications.

We have extensive experience in bridge construction methods including launching, balanced cantilever, advanced shoring, span-by-span construction and heavy lifting.

It is well-recognized that BBR technology promotes leaner new construction, but what about MRR projects? BBR specialist techniques and technology deliver leading edge green and economic solutions.

An architect’s dream, a delight for developers, a great tool for builders and kind on the environment. But what exactly is it? And why should you be interested?

What is the first thing that you think about when you see a cable-stayed structure? Is it the sheer elegance that it brings to the landscape or maybe you have wondered what stay cables actually are and what they do?