BBR VT CONA CMG strand ground anchors

The European assessed* CONA CMG system offers state-of-the art performance and has proven high levels of corrosion protection. The system includes a wide size range across three different corrosion protection levels to allow customers to select the optimum force range and design life characteristics for specific projects. Designed for geotechnical applications, as a soil or rock anchor, the system covers a force range from 177kN to 5,301kN, aiming to satisfy the major market demands.

CONA CMG strand ground anchor

Key Features

  • Standard ETA anchor sizes ranging from 1 to 19 strands, larger sizes up to 91 strands has been previously installed
  • Latest technology – engineered in response to recent market feedback mitigates drawbacks of existing solutions
  • Unique-in-the-market corrosion protection features – enhanced corrosion protection in transfer zone behind the bearing plate and leak-tightness of the PE-sheathed strand, which meets the criteria of latest European Assessment Documents (EADs)
  • Fully ETA-approved and CE-certified system* – including all components, system set-up and performance
  • Effective corrosion protection solution – due to proven limitation of grout cracking
  • Widest range of anchorage sizes – allows use of right size for each project, without needing to use oversized solutions

*in progress



Strand ground anchors for geotechnical & underground engineering applications.

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