Specialist skills in Spain

Heavy lifting of roof trusses

The FCC Construcción Special Techniques team have been performing heavy lifting manoeuvers for the new roof at Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. FCC, the BBR Network Member for Spain, is carrying out the specialist heavy lifting techniques needed to raise the gigantic trusses into their final position to support the retractable roof system. Over recent months, FCC Construcción has been working on the remodeling and expansion of the stadium. The works will provide the stadium not only with a retractable roof, but also changes to the façade by providing it with a steel envelope in which images can be projected, a new 3,000-seat grandstand on the east side, as well as the restructuring of the VIP area that will feature some 2,000 new locations.

Congratulations to the whole team and best wishes for the completion of this impressive and complex project.