Staying power

Many of the most dramatically beautiful architectural designs and technically excellent feats of engineering have been realized with the use of state-of-the-art Swiss BBR® stay cable technology. The BBR HiAm® CONA® strand stay cable system, BBR HiEx CONA saddle technology for extradosed applications and the BBR HiAm/DINA® wire stay system are unrivalled anywhere on the planet and applied in more than 430 projects.

Sava River Bridge (Serbia) by BBR Network Member KB Vorspann-Technik

BBR HiAm CONA strand stay cable system

HiAm CONA fulfills the latest international standards and recommendations deemed approved and compliant with fib as well as the corresponding PTI and SETRA recommendations. Its wide range – tendon capacity 200 – 60,000 kN, advanced water tightness, high corrosion protection, simple installation and superior fatigue resistance makes it attractive for the most challenging of projects. Designers and architects have particularly welcomed the compactness of the anchorage system which allows them greater scope to produce a sleeker and more striking structure. HiAm CONA is subject to BBR Factory Production Control and must be installed by certified BBR PT Specialist Companies only.

HiAm CONA stay

Strand stay cable system 1-217 strands

HiEx CONA saddle

Strand saddle system 12-217 strands

BBR Pin Connector

Stay cable connector system 1-73 strands

BBR Square Damper

Friction stay cable damping system

BBR Viscous Damper

Hydraulic stay cable damping system

BBR Fire-Shield

Protection for stay cable systems of a high temperature hydrocarbon fire

BBR HiAm/DINA wire and BBR Carbon stay cable systems

BBR is not only a pioneer and inventor of the high amplitude fatigue resistant “HiAm” wire stay cable composed of 7 mm wires, we also constructed the world’s first project using such technology. The patented BBR Carbon stays have an exceptional high fatigue strength – up to 10 million load cycles with 250 MPa – combined with light weight, corrosion-free properties.


HiAm/DINA | BBR Carbon



The BBR Stay Cable Range

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BBR Stay Cable References

BBR Stay Cable References

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BBR PT Specialist Companies

BBR PT Specialist Companies

HiAm CONA stay cables are installed exclusively by certified PT Specialist Companies.

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