On track in Egypt

BBR Network Member ESPT wins another rail project!

ESPT has recently been awarded a contract for Egypt’s High Speed Rail project - estimated to involve some 8,000 post-tensioning anchorages. It is planned that the three line network will connect 60 cities with trains operating at up to 230km/h. This would offer 90% of the Egyptian population access to public transport, while cutting emissions by as much as 70%.

Meanwhile, ESPT’s work on the Cairo Monorail Project continues. Here, ESPT is providing post-tensioning services for stations. There will be two lines – serving the New Administrative Capital and 6th of October City – covering a total distance of 99km. The overall project, valued at around US$45 billion, is aimed at increasing connectivity while reducing use of private cars. At full capacity, the two new monorail lines will be capable of transporting 45,000 people per hour in each direction. Many congratulations to the team and best wishes for every success for these stunning projects.