BBR Network Project of the Year: Khurais Hospital, Riyadh, BBR Saudi Arabia

Intensive care in the form of external PT transformed a Riyadh mall into a hospital, winning BBR Saudi Arabia the coveted BBR Network Project of the Year Award.

This award recognizes outstanding work on a project that utilizes BBR technologies and showcases engineering excellence alongside strong customer service.


Each year it becomes harder to choose a single project that stands out in a pool of exceptional projects from Network Members. This year’s nominees were:


  • Talomo-Matina Bridge (Philippines), BBR Philippines Corporation
  • Khurais Hospital (Saudi Arabia), BBR Saudi Arabia
  • William Halton Parkway Traveler Bridge (Canada), Canadian BBR
  • Çayirhan Bridge (Turkey), Kappa
  • Expressway S11 (Poland), BRR Polska
  • Überbauung Schwamendingen (Switzerland), Stahlton AG


The winning project, the Khurais Hospital delivered by BBR Saudi Arabia, required considerable skill to uprate the load bearing capacity of the floors and other structural elements of a mall being repurposed into a healthcare facility.


When BBR Saudi Arabia’s engineers first assessed the building using core sampling, they determined the concrete strength was not sufficient for the calculated double of loads when heavy hospital beds and medical machinery are installed.


In addition, issues such as bunching around the pillars, which were not a problem for the mall when specified, became a problem when the loads increased. This demanded a specific uprating solution.


The project used different external PT according to the condition of the floor slabs. External PT was used to prevent and mitigate the floor slab deflection, enhancing load bearing capacity.


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