BBR beats own record

BBR tendon takes load of more than seven Airbus A380 aircrafts.

The BBR VT team has - yet again - set a new world record when it comes to certification testing of high capacity post-tensioning tendons. In March 2007, the BBR team set a new record with the successful testing of the high capacity BBR VT CONA CMI tendons with up to 61 seven-wire prestressing strands. Now this has been topped by the successful testing of the BBR VT CONA CMI with up to 73 strands – a PT tendon with an extraordinary breaking load of over 20\'000\'000 N! The testing was carried out according to the provisions of ETAG 013 - Guideline for European Technical Approval of Post-Tensioning Kits for Prestressing of Structures. The tendon capacity is the highest possible which can be tested on European soil. High capacity tendons are used where strength is crucial – applications include ground anchoring for the strengthening of dams, as well as floating concrete structures and nuclear containment vessels.